&”Higher the sales of automobiles, higher the clients&”, says Jeffrey of Auto Relief Group

“With big auto makers showing higher sales volumes and high profits in the first quarter, we are receiving more clients for our service”, says Jeffrey Taylor, Director of Sales of Auto Relief Group. ARG is a leading loan modification service provider based in Florida having more than fifteen years of experience in proving auto, boat, RV, etc loan modification services to its clients.

“There is a direct relation between auto sales and loan modification service. The more number of people willing to purchase a new vehicle ultimately opts for a loan and the further steps a borrower usually takes to modify their loans to lower their monthly payments by extending the term of loan contract. In this way, we are getting more calls for loan modification services as the auto sales are increasing”, informs Jeffrey Taylor.

Recently Ford Motor Co. reported a $1 million profit which is highest since 2005. Other auto makers are also planning to increase the production of vehicles by 2012 as they foresee a bright future of automobile industry.

“Though increasing production has a risk of overproduction, however, looking at the demand for vehicles, the risk is worth to be taken. With such prediction, it is obvious that banks and financial institutions/ lenders have started their preparation to provide auto loans to the needful. The interest rate charged by them can appear higher for which ARG can be helpful. We at Auto Relief Group negotiate and renegotiate with our client’s bank or lender and convince them to modify the loan by extending the term of loan contract. This leads to a reduction in monthly payments. Your payments can be lowered by up to 50% with loan modification procedure”, explains Anthony Tribunella. He is the Director of Operations at Auto Relief Group.

When asked to tell more about ARG, this is what Anthony had to say, “We provide our clients with customized reports, expert advice and negotiation assistance when restructuring their car loans. We are a world-class service organization that never loses sight that our clients come first. We take pride in building long lasting relationships by offering superior service that is based on wisdom, fairness, openness, guidance and trust”.

To know more about Auto Relief Group and its scope of services,

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But perhaps the largest boost for all of us, chiefly notable on older vehicle engines, is a startling reduction in toxic vehicular emission gasses
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